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About Us

DWS is an agile and responsive consulting practice that thoroughly understands that pushing the boundaries of potential to achieve maximum success requires continuous workforce investment. DWS provides its clients with the expertise to both strategically analyze and forecast workforce issues in order to develop solutions to mitigate or prevent adverse impact on an organization.

DWS can address a wide range of issues not only at the strategic level, but also at the level of the workroom floor. Clients can access the experience of a “shirt-sleeve” approach to tackle demanding routine functions such as developing strategies for collective bargaining, succession planning, management development, organizational structure review, EEO climate analyses and agency decisions, alternative dispute resolution and review of human resources practices.

DWS was founded by its President and Chief Executive Officer, William F. Scott, who brings over 25 years of successful executive and hands-on experience focused significantly on employee and labor-management relations, collective bargaining and civil rights, as well as on other workforce issues. He has carefully built a broad consulting capability within DWS that includes other seasoned executives with expertise in organizational development and human resource management.

Superior service and complete commitment to the development of client solutions are the cornerstones upon which DWS consultancy was founded and is still based.

DWS is registered in Maryland as a Minority Business Enterprise Company.