Your Solution, Our Priority

Why DWS?

DWS offers unique value to its clients by providing in-depth executive and hands-on experience and expertise across a closely interrelated spectrum of functional areas. DWS has successfully addressed issues in employee and labor-management relations and collective bargaining, in organizational development, in human resources management and in civil rights. DWS is one of few, if not the only minority-owned firm that can offer this advantage.

DWS provides experience and expertise gained in the smallest to the largest, most complex workforce environments, including academia, government, public transportation and private industry.

DWS is an agile firm with the proven abilities to provide clients its unique expertise with speed and flexibility, based on their requirements and budgetary considerations. Although a relatively young consulting company, DWS has partnered with some of the largest management consultancies to provide workforce analysis, surveys, and development resources to assist them in structuring overall solutions for some of their most significant client engagements.

 Our Vision

We are a consultancy firm of first choice for
clients who seek a workforce environment
that minimizes conflict, values diversity and
maximizes workforce potential. Our growth
will be marked by the value of our client
solutions and by the business partnerships
we form and the trust placed in us.

Our Mission

We are an agile firm with unique experience
and expertise that provides exceptional
solutions for our clients that are innovative,
strategic and practical for resolving their
most complex workforce issues. 
Understanding our clients’ businesses
and anticipating their challenges are the
underpinning to our mission of superior service.

Our Values

We strive to fulfill our mission by operating in a manner that exhibits:
  • Honesty and Integrity in Our Service
  • Superior Quality in Work Product
  • Openness in Communications
  • Fairness in Our Dealings